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The text of the European and International Standards can be searched, browsed, downloaded, and printed. Be aware that searching the site will also include standards published by the European Commission and the European Parliament. ISO 14253 ISO 14253 is an ISO standard. See also EN ISO 14253-1-2017 International Organization for Standardization Geometrical Product Specifications - ISO/TC 210 – ISO/TC 213, TC 2, EN ISO 14638 - Standards for Geometrical Product Specifications - ISO/TC 213/SC 1 EN ISO/TC 141 – ISO/TC 213/SC 2 International Organization for Standardization Systems of Records Metrology Geometrical Product Specifications External links ISO 14253 - Geometrical Product Specifications Category:Standards #14253Miniaturized lateral flow assay for the rapid detection of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in dairy products. The objective of the present study was to evaluate a lateral flow (LF) assay, containing monoclonal antibodies to Shiga toxins (Stx) and the green fluorescent protein (GFP), for the rapid detection of STEC in a dairy product matrix. A panel of 15 STEC strains, isolated from dairy products and stool, and eight STEC O157 strains, tested negative for Stx, were used to examine the performance of the assay. The results of the study demonstrated that all 15 non-O157 STEC strains and six out of eight STEC O157 strains were positive for Stx. The STEC strains were also able to be detected, even in the presence of other bacteria in milk, within 20 min. Furthermore, the assay was able to detect Stx 2 and Stx 2/Stx 3 in liquid milk. In conclusion, the study demonstrated that the LF assay is suitable for the rapid detection of STEC in dairy products, thus helping to reduce the risk of food-borne disease associated with STEC.1923–24 Penn Quakers men's basketball team The 1923–24 Penn Quakers men's basketball team represented the University of Pennsylvania in intercollegiate basketball during the 1923–24 season. The team finished the season with a 17–3 record and was retroactively named the national champion by the Premo-Porretta Power Poll. Schedule |- !colspan=12 style="background:#75b2





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