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  • Remote Control


    In our debut episode we discuss the inception of Alias Cann, along with the development of our symbolic tagline “No One Grows Alone”. This episode dives into lessons learned during our first three years in the Cannabis industry, and we discuss the factors that give us hope for the future even during Covid19. 

  • Back to...?


    It’s September, it’s our 2nd episode & we discuss going back to…WHAT exactly?! Join us to get a glimpse behind the curtain of small businesses during unprecedented times, and listen to a discussion focused on the incredible resilience of cannabis cultivators.

  • Don't Fear the Reefer


    This episode is entitled: Don’t Fear The Reefer: An Examination of Fear’s Role in the business world. Join our gang for a lively conversation of some of the seemingly scary aspects of day-to-day business in the cannabis space.

  • Changing Minds


    The Infused gang is back & this month we tackle the incredibly large elephant in the room, elections & the work that goes in to changing minds in our society. Cannabis is now on the ballot in multiple states, and we look at the work that went into arriving at moments like this one.

  • The Gift of Cannabis


    Season’s Greetings cannafam & welcome to the holiday edition of Infused where gang unwraps the gifts that the past year left for the cannabis community! We are all too aware of the many challenges & struggles that 202 left our world, but we focus on the real progress that cannabis has made over the last several months. 

  • Everything is New Again


    Happy New Year! January is all about resetting ourselves, our expectations, then setting ourselves up for another great year! We discuss mindset differences between established businesses & startups, as well as the "Brass Tacks" of starting the year off the right way! This is an episode you don't want to miss!

  • Significannt: Francesca Vavala


    This episode's Significannt segment we decide to start at the beginning, so we go right to the source and hear from the creator of Significannt, co-founder of Alias Cann Francesca Vavala! Hear about how cannabis gave Francesca's life a renewed focus, and opened her up to the amazing cannabis community.

  • Inside Culta's Dispensary


    On this episode of Infused we take a trip down the highway to go behind the dispensary door's of CULTA! We learn about day-to-day operations at this Consciously Cultivated Cannabis operation from special guest Chase Lessman, CULTA's Director of Retail Operations at their flagship Baltimore store. Join us for a peak behind the curtain of a premier cannabis operation!

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