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Because the Customer is always King (or Queen)

Growth can come in many forms. With our Dispensary Services, Alias Cann helps your operation maximize existing and new customer interactions in a way that will build customer loyalty and repeat sales.  

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Curbside Pickup Scheduling


New product drops are some of the most exciting days at dispensaries, and some of the most stressful. Alias Cann will help you navigate high surges of traffic at your dispensary with curbside call support. We will confirm orders and schedule pick-ups in an orderly, efficient manner, allowing your staff to focus on fulfilling orders and servicing customers in the queue.


Get ready to experience new levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


  • On demand service for days when you need additional customer / patient support

  • Allow you team to focus on compiling orders and handling customer / patient interactions

  • Organize pick-ups in an orderly, efficient manner

  • Increase internal efficiency.  

  • Increase number of customers / patients serviced each day

  • Flexible services / quick start-up


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Customer Reactivation


As the number of medical and recreational users increases, successful dispensaries will need to implement proactive outreach programs to stay connected and engaged with casual cannabis users. The sheer number of customers in this category equates to meaningful market share and revenue generation potential.  


Alias Cann will analyze and segment your customer base into specific categories with unique connection and conversion strategies then do the work to reconnect your dormant users with your business.  


  • Reengage dormant patients

  • Uncover insight into patient buying behavior 

  • Strengthen relationships with active patients

  • Gain competitive intelligence

  • Increase market share 

  • Increase Revenues

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5 Star


In a competitive cannabis environment, reputation is a critical point of differentiation in the battle to win new visitors to your dispensary. Savvy customers will do their homework by reading online reviews from a variety of sources - Weedmaps, Reddit, Yelp, and so on. Get control of these reviews and effectively manage your online image. Proactively identify and address comments before they become issues. Protect your biggest asset - your name.  


  • Proactively monitoring, engaging and tracking negative & positive social media posts & reviews

  • Builds credibility, trust and reputation with existing patients / customers

  • Strengthens brand & positions as market leader

  • Increase probability of winning new patients / customers

Proficient with a Wide Range of Applications 
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