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No one grows alone

Who We Are

With cannabis legalization in a majority of states across the country, the time to adapt and innovate has arrived. Alias Cann marries our years of expertise in sales and marketing, knowledge of the cannabis industry, and your product or service to create mutual growth. Integrating with Alias Cann is seamless and offers powerful advancement in a quickly growing field. We operate within your existing structure, so you can continue to do what you’re good at, and we’ll take care of what you’re not so good at.

What WE Do

Our Approach

With Alias Cann, you get cannabis focused sales, planning, processing, and marketing services without the major investment and risk of hiring in-house. Having Alias Cann work, not just for you, but as you, allows owners and managers to avoid not only confusing research but also timely, expensive, and often fruitless hiring, training, and firing of employees.

We will meet and talk through your existing business to understand the best avenues for your products or services to be positioned in the cannabis world. We become your sales and marketing voice and connection to your cannabis customers. 

Alias Cann's collaborative approach augments your resources to grow your cannabis business


We augment; we don't replace. Using what you and your people do well, we fill in the gaps.

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