Francesca Vavala

Speaking Qualifications

Audience: General public/consumers

Business owners of wellness -centric companies (i.e. owners of chains or large health clubs, chiropractors, optometrists, mental health professionals, pet service providers, spas, salons, etc.)

Overall Purpose: Change mindsets around cannabis by dispelling myths and providing educating around hemp, its by-products, uses, properties, and benefits as well as touching on legalities. 

Unique Perspective: Born a conjoined twin, my sister lived with Cerebral Palsy her whole life. Her death in 2013 and my discovery of CBD’s anti-spasmodic properties shortly after put me on a mission to educate as many people as possible to know how hemp help heals.

Speaking Topics

  • The myths and facts of hemp oil/CBD

  • Those who teach, can: how leading with education creates a stronger business model and a better industry

  • Females in Cannabis – finding your voice and planting roots as a female entrepreneur in an up and coming, rapidly changing industry

  • Everything You Do Is Sales

  • No One Grows Alone – A Philosophy That’s Bigger Than Your Business