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Sales Services


Alias Cann does the work of calling, marketing, and even closing deals with cannabis industry opportunities, giving you time to focus on creating innovative products and solutions without stalling your growth. Our unique focus on cannabis relieves owners and managers from the time-consuming burden of researching and understanding this new industry without sacrificing the opportunities that stand to be gained.

Inside Sales: Reaching the right people can be the biggest hurdle a company faces when entering the cannabis industry. Our inside salespeople are your dedicated resource committed to calling leads, tracking touches, qualifying opportunities, and filling pipelines.

Lead Generation: Alias Cann provides you with a database of companies, contacts, emails, and phone numbers that match your target client personas. You have the product; We’ll find your people.

Salesforce CRM: Don’t let your hard earned leads die in a limited CRM. Alias Cann imports contacts into Salesforce and customizes usability to maximize inside sales and marketing channels. We can teach you or simply do it for you, as you.

Growth happens when you allow your resources to work to their strengths and outsource the rest to specialists in their fields.

Outsourcing allows you to...

  • Increase productivity

  • Focus on high impact tasks

  • Employ highly skilled experts in sales

  • Relieve your resources from managerial burdens


Alias Cann employees are your inside sales professionals for the cannabis industry. We call, convert, and close for you, as you, because no one grows alone.

Marketing Services


Marketing efforts align with sales goals and always stay compliant with state laws and regulations. From breaking into the industry to staying top of mind, Alias Cann helps you reach your company's individual growth goals.

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Branding and Graphic Design: Making the most powerful first impression and standing out from the competition are the primary goals of any branding. Alias Cann branding and graphic design unify your look, feel, and message while keeping you relevant to a specific audience. Make your company more visually appealing, readable, memorable, and attractive to the cannabis market.

Print and Digital Advertising: Reaching new customers requires accessing the right channels with the right content. Alias Cann learns about your business to create content for you, as you, and then pushes that content to leads or current customers through e-mail marketing, press releases, print ads in industry publications, and drip campaigns. Stay top of mind and build credibility.

Market Research: Market research verifies and quantifies critical market data. Know what to expect when engaging the cannabis market in a specific segment or location and to reach the right audience. Alias Cann market research delivers a report that helps you wisely invest money and resources, leverage your sales and marketing activities, and make the maximum impact.

Website: The variable legal landscape of the cannabis industry requires a well-informed team of researchers who can quickly optimize your website while maintaining compliance. Our website options include platform set-up and management, SEO work, user experience analysis, blog creation, calls to action that drive follow-up activity, and more to elevate your online presence.

Event Marketing and Networking: Alias Cann's event marketing and networking services can assist you with trade shows, launch parties, public speaking coaching, and networking opportunities that help you to put your company's best face forward in your face-to-face events. Become a recognized influencer without all the headaches.

Alias Cann's cannabis marketing customer journey
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