Alias Cann

Who you work with matters.


That's why we are happy to share who we are, what we are about, and our "why" behind it all.

Our Backstory

Francesca and Mike founded Alias Cann in 2017 after spending significant time researching the emerging cannabis industry and identifying exactly where they could bring the most value.


Mike has owned, operated, and sold businesses over his almost 30 year career. He established new channels of business in a highly regulated, highly commoditized industry and constantly found ways to be innovative while providing the most value to his clients. His expertise in management, operations, sales, and marketing are borne from decades of experience and backed by his MBA.


It was while running two of those businesses that he hired Francesca, a former high school English Lit teacher turned Realtor® with an entrepreneurial spirit who missed writing and editing. Collaborating on numerous projects, Mike and Francesca found working together was as natural as it was productive and fun. Francesca moved from part-time content writer to full-time marketing director. She managed teams, oversaw projects, wrote policy, and committed to executing clients' visions.


When Mike decided that the cannabis industry looked like it could benefit from a professional sales agency that was specifically designed to serve those serving the plant, he knew exactly who he wanted to partner with.


Alias Cann was founded with the mission to grow not only our clients' businesses, but the cannabis industry and legalization as a whole. Both Mike and Francesca bring unique professionalism, specialized sales and strategy skills, a ton of cannabis knowledge, and a passion for growing businesses to every client they work with.

No One Grows Alone

At an offsite retreat, we were challenged to clarify and articulate the "why" behind what we do. It's not as easy as it sounds. A lot of the answers were insufficient: "to make money" doesn't tell anyone anything. If everyone is in business to make money, why do we choose to do it this way? Or the answers were to a different question: "to help people grow their businesses" is what we do, not why we do it.


We looked deeper into ourselves and discovered the foundation of our operations is to work in a way that cultivates reciprocal growth for the company and employees.


Internally, we provide opportunities and training for team members to grow professionally and personally, and that growth provides us with resources and talents that let us grow the business.


Externally, we provide sales services that help our clients grow their businesses, and that growth leads to more revenue, expansion, and ultimately more opportunities for us to improve and increase services in the form of renewed and expanded contracts.


No one's growth was independent of another's.


It all came together. "No one grows alone" is the "why" behind everything we do. It's practical and aspirational, but above all else, it's true.


Our tagline is more than a tagline. It's our philosophy, our identity, our vision, and our purpose.  


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